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          "Smart Training for Smart Society"

  Teacher's in-service training in ICT and new methods
For example:
- ICT in daily work in different subjects
   - Basics of cloud working to support students learning goal
   - Mobile learning/teaching to support the learners
   - Usage of IWB to support the students ICT skills
   - Games and game-based learning/Teaching
   - Infomation security and quality assesment of web based teaching
   - e-Learning methodology and content creation
   - Peer trainers training for the competence building network
 Curriculum development (ICT implementation+new methods)

   - Building the ICT skills map for students to the level of writing skills
    - Implementing ICT, Mobile and Social Media tools in every subject

 New teaching/learning methods
- Sharing, working teams, team responsible
    - Problem based, constructual, narrative etc. learning
    - Flipped classroom, the individualisation of learning
    - Virtual Learning Environments in teaching/learning
    - School personalization

 Headmaster training
   -  Institute of Educational Leadership, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

 Study tours and trainings to the Finnish Educational system and schools
- 4 days benchmarking and training   
   - 5 days
benchmarking and training   
( Please ask for more information and program examples)

See the training demo video